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WhatsApp is now the world's most used app. Isn't it time you engage with customers over their favourite app?

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Our chatbot is easy to use and manage
Our chatbot is already prepopulated with the first couple of questions
It is free to start and you can do a live test with our chatbot in less than a minute
Do you need a Artificial Intelligence and/or Voice Recognition Chatbot?
Send us an email to [email protected] and/or Whatsapp us on +27826999992 to discuss your requirements.

Frequently asked questions about our WhatsApp Chatbot

Can you link your chatbot to other data feeds?

Yes, we have an API that can feed into your WhatsApp Chatbot. Contact us if you need help.

How many questions and answers can your Chatbot handle?


Can you help me to design my chatbot?

We can certainly help you to design a chatbot.

WhatsApp Chatbot pricing





Monthly subscription




Cell phone required No No No
Messages per month
* See details below
2,000 10,000 50,000
Own dedicated number No Yes Yes
Shared number No No
Try it out for free Enquire Now Enquire Now
1. The own dedicated number takes a few days to obtain and is subject to WhatsApp / Facebook approval. A once off administration cost of $100 is charged to get the approval.
2. A shared number works like this: we link your users to the number and you will see only messages from your users. We have three methods to link your users to the shared number.

Message bundle detail.

Your message bundle allowance are as follows:

Type of message App Basic Pro Enterprise
Session Messages n/a # 1,950 9,800 49,500
Templated Messages n/a # 50 100 500
Total message allowance 10,000 2,000 10,000 50,000

Session Messages. - A session begins when a user sends a message to the system. For 24 hours thereafter you can send freeform messages. After 24 hours only templated messages can be sent. Once the user replies the session starts again.
Templated Messages. - are messages that you send to customers if they have not messaged you in the past 24 hours. You are only allowed to send certain pre-approved templates after 24 hours of last contact.
Both incoming and outgoing messages are counted

Once you have used up your templated messages, we take from your session messages credits according to a scale. The scale depends on which country your messages are being sent to.

# App Messages - does not have a 24 hour limit. That means you can send freeform messages at any later stage (as long as the recipient have messaged you before)

Out of bundle messages are charged at as follows::

Type of message App Based Basic Pro Enterprise
Per session message $0.012 $0.012 $0.009 $0.007
Per templated message n/a Per country scale Per country scale Per country scale

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Your customers are loving WhatsApp
Make sure they’re connecting with your business too … and let a Chatbot assist your staff.

  • Get started immediately – no phone or desktop software required.
  • Your staff can view and assist with all WhatsApp chats.
  • Create a permanent record of your WhatsApp chats.
  • Multiple logins can be done from multiple devices.
  • Your WhatsApp Chatbot talks to your customers when your staff can’t!


  • Easy to use and manage
  • Already populated with the first couple of questions.
  • Free to start with a live test available in less than a minute.

With over 2 billion users sending over 55 billion message a day on the WhatsApp platform, it’s no wonder the WhatsApp Chatbot is the latest marketing tool every business should have! Easy to use, secure and fast, a WhatsApp Chatbot is your business’s key to communication with your customer base whether it be via greeting messages, quick replies or handling some of their FAQs.

We all know how essential response time is in this fast paced society - the WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated, quick response tool that sorts the information your client is looking for and quickly answers their queries when you aren’t available to do so immediately.

Already familiar with WhatApps features and functionality, you will develop a more personalised relationship with your customers via your WhatsApp Chatbot. Contact us today so that we can ensure you’re using this latest tool to help grow your business.



Can you link a WhatsApp Chatbot to other data fields?

Yes, we have an API that can feed into your WhatsApp Chatbot.

How many questions and answers can the WhatsApp Chatbot handle?

Customised to each company’s needs, our WhatsApp Chatbot can handle unlimited amounts of question and answer scenarios.

Can you help me to design my WhatsApp Chatbot?

Yes, we certainly can! Contact us today so we can discuss your requirements and we will customise your WhatsApp Chatbot to your company’s needs.

WhatsKonnekt Manual


It is important to understand that the “Whatsapp conversations” needs to be initiated by your client.

The clients needs to send a Whatsapp message to the central number, which is +27 64 4444 350 (more to follow). This number is shared by various businesses (own dedicated numbers cost much more and takes much longer to set up - contact us if you want one).

Because it is a shared number, we first need to give you tools so that you can link your customers to you. These tools are threefold:
You get a unique keyword that people must put in their WhatsApp message to link him or her to you, or
We supply you with a bit of Javascript that you must install on your website to give you a customised WhatsApp button (like the one on this page), or
You upload the numbers that will be sending Whatsapp messages to you

(once a client is linked to you he does not have to use the keyword ever again)

The WhatsApp Chatbot

The WhatsApp Chatbot works like this:

There is a First Auto Response Message that people will receive when they message you for the first time. This First message can contain instructions that will explain the further menu options to people.

You set up two fields, a Message In (Trigger) and a Response.

The word or phrase you choose as Message In will trigger the Response to be sent out to the person (who sent in the Message In).

So, your first response to a customer will contain instructions that contain the trigger words (Message In) for example:

Message In (Trigger) Response
Main Menu Welcome to ABC, reply with 1 to see our Pricelist, reply with 2 to see Specials, reply with WWW to get our web address
1 Apples $3, Oranges $4 . Reply with Main Menu to see the options
2 We have Strawberries on special for $5 . Reply with Main Menu to see the options
WWW Our web address is . Reply with Main Menu to see the options.

Incoming Message

Here you can view the WhatsApp messages that are sent it.
The numbers are shown on the left and if you click on it the messages are shown on the right. There is an i next to the number (or name) which allows you to capture information (details and “tags” of the sender).

REPORTING - Show Locations

Your customers can send Location Pins, photos and messages to the WhatsApp number.
WhatsKonnekt will plot the Location Pins, photos and two messages onto a Google Map.


Manage Approved Numbers is where you can add cell phone numbers that are then automatically linked to the central number without them having to send in any messages.
Manage User Access allows you to set who can Reply (chat) and who can add Users
Setting is a few basic settings
Add to your website gives you code that you can use to add a WhatsApp button to your website
Integration Settings gives the WhatsApp API settings for sending and receiving messages from your systems
Templated Messages are explained below

Templated Messages - explanation

WhatsApp requires a customer message you (the WhatsKonnekt subscriber) first. After first contact you can chat without any limitations with your customer for a period of 24 hours.
After 24 hours you are only allowed to send “Templated messages”. Templated Messages are pre formatted messages with fixed parameters.
Soon you will be able to choose from various standard templated messages. Templated messages carries a charge that is levied by WhatsApp/Facebook.